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Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 47 AM Who can identify the words?

line 1:So I made a big mistake
         Travesty walked my way

Line 2: We all have a weakness
              Some are easy to identify

line 3: I tell you my Friend
              Someday this world going to end

Line 4: I just want to live
               Don’t care what they say

Line 5: Say it isn’t so
               Your love is a heart breaker

Line 6: Closed both blinds
               And turned away

Line 7: Talking by the fire
               The simple things in life like when and where

Line 8: Backs against the ocean
                    Us against the world

Line 9: Keep on dancing, on and on
                   Come dance with me

Line 10: She smiled, looked at me and said.
                    You don’t know what it's like

Line 11: You don’t know me,
                           You never will.

Line 12: let the word out
                  I feel better now.

Who can identify the songs???

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sincerity Paradox

Sincerity Paradox
Little truth in every jest
Little lie in every truth
Dishonesty in the silence
Hilarity content
The hoax within
Distinguish the truth
Between the lies

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The prairie sun

The prairie sun

In autumn the prairie sun
Has a peculiar radiance
Like a single flower in a desert
An idyllic place to spend a lifetime
I have no illusions left
A statue vaguely familiar
Melancholy look
Her only expression
Philosophical view
Highly improbable
Resentment written
On trembling lips

Monday, February 21, 2011

Willies rock

Willies rock

All the meaning in these words
Yet none meant to hurt
Putting thoughts all in a line
Self fulfilling prophecy
The shadows I see
And the people I hear
Dreams in colour
Memories in grey
Gave me a rock and asked
“Do you see the face there speaking to me”
I black rock it was and I did not see
Thirty years past since he has gone
Dieing in pain and morphine thick in his veins
I still have that rock and now I can see