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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Casual Menagerie

Carousel ride
Synthetic romance
Mocking pleasure
Simulated excitement
Farris wheel with no exit
Just another merry go round
Shameless self-promotion
Delusional reality
Drama waiting in line
For that two minute artificial ride
Anticipation falling short of expectation
Just another roller coaster ride
thought you were different
Easily replaceable
By the next adrenaline thrill

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


You ever meet someone

You know that changed everything
Made you look at the world differently
Made life look fresh
Smelled differently
Do you have to know hate to know love
Or is it more refined than that
Do you have to let go of hate to know love
Do you have to know deceit before you can recognize honesty
Can you learn trust once you have been deceived by yourself
Once you have given your heart away 
Helpless watch as it is broken 
The scar tissue is so thick love with struggle to hind a hold
Do you believe in love at first sight 
Or is that just lust unfulfilled 
Have you ever meet some one that made want to try again
Do you believe that everything has a reason 
Or is that wishful thinking hiding behind hope 
Have you ever meet an honest person
One that doesn't fit your mold
Makes you smile anyway 
What is it like 
I would like to know  

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Empty so hollow
Fire consumes
Boundaries undefined
So much passion
In an instant
Eye contact and a touch
Real and forever
Happiness without malice
Memories that linger
Honesty without deception
Empty the hate
impossible till its gone
Cleanse the loneliness
Real forever
The truth in every heart beat