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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amonst the fireflies

Dancing in the fields

Amongst the fireflies
Mirroring the stars from above
The music playing in my head
Wondering is this still summer time
The moon light casting exceptional shadows
Another day done
Little truth in every smile
A little more in every joke

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some days

Some Days

Some days there are trucks in the trees
On valley roads
Moon dogs around
A full moon in a September sky
Rainbows at midnight
Quicksand pulls slow
The stars line up and go unnoticed
The heat feels cold
Life can change in a blink
Know that it has is a trick
Less energy to smile

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Moon Bright

The Moon Bright
The moon bright in the eastern sky

The fireworks reflects off of the lake
A mirror image all night long
Reason for the celebration alludes
A roller coaster train ride ends
They say one does not smell when dreaming
The scent is strong
A farm house in a valley
By a rail bed
The colors of fall brilliant
Even in the moon light
I ask” what do you want of me?”
The answer is nothing
I asked the cab to stop in the middle of a rain soaked road
The face in the window disappears as the cab drives away
The red brake lights changes to two eyes
The hawk flies overhead
Pointing in a direction I would never choose
The moon bright in the eastern sky at mid night
The color of the vegetation all bright red
Fireworks across the lake all night long
A celebration that alludes
Enjoy the show any way
The scent of paradise strong

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Truck in the trees

A truck in the trees on hill above a town
Haunting dreams that keep sleep at bay
During a storm
The wind rattles the window pains
Trying to be heard through the rain
Soon the snow will hide all the changing colours
As the day turns into another
Followed by the season
The noon is like a period at the end of a sentence
Never read and hardly recognized
We are here for a short time
In the bigger world
It is a wonder
A truck is the trees
On hill to the right
Above a town

Lost in the fog
Makes little sense
The truth on the radio
Piped in through the walls at dawn

Friday, September 24, 2010

twist it around

Twist it around
Making sense
With indiscriminate scenes

Fog in the morning
Burning off about noon
Still making little sense

Sounds on the radio
Memory flash backs
To an idealized past

Directions on a highway sign
Crosses in the ditches
Souls left behind

Holes through a beating heart
Wishing the story ended differently
Breathing tension

Stressing about the future
Living in the past
Step over the images

Left on mountain top
Looking up at the sky
As the eagle flies by

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More random

An angel called today

Said she lived next door
And loved the scent of spring
Even in the fall
Said it was easy to fill an abyss
A bottomless hole with hope
I responded that I was unavailable
Cause I was moving furniture
To 7 Ave

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Thought for the week!

Random thought
Articulate counterfactuals

Accentuated blur of images
Fog hovering opacity
Life a picture of dishabille
Multiple interpretations
Hypothetical hopelessness
Tolstoy said “if you want to be happy, be!”
Perhaps that was to Shakespeare’s
“To be or not to be”
William says live your own quotes

Friday, September 17, 2010

if you were

If you were an angel
What would you say?
To make the pain go away
Would you speak to me during the night?
Or in the middle of the afternoon
Fill my dreams with your desires
Or speak to me in the language of old
Slaying my enemies
Looking like a demon
Striking fear
Cutting through their souls
Or simply look like the girl from next door
With a whispering voice
That people stop to hear
Striving to understand each word
A smile that can be seen in the eyes
Minutes before the lips curl up at the edges
A smile that lights up a room
Even after  it’s gone
What would you do to make it all go away?
To make the pain dissipate
To make the rains cold bite
Feel like the suns warm embrace
Would you crawl across the covers
Like the suns fingers across the clouds
Time is running out
As the dream is obscured by cold reality

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Hawk

A hawk
Came to visit
second year in row
7 in the morning
Came a knocking
Three knocks
Saying hello
Inches from my head
Wings wide
Talons reaching out
Then took flight
Around a corner
With glance
Three comfortable under the covers
Windows all around
A bedroom with a view
Trees on three sides
Overlooking a lake
90 miles long
No visitors accept the animals
And a dog named spot
Is this dream with in a dream?
Silhouette walks with panther
Along a road
The only colour a red tree on the right
Hawk flying just overhead
As three knocks on window
Wake me
a feather floats to the floor
Looking up a hawk says hello
Talons reaching out
The ambers from the fire
Cast an artificial light
Fog on the lake cast a ghostly shadow
A new day

Saturday, September 11, 2010

3:55 am

3:55 am
Awake again
The sounds of wood owls
Extinct they said they were
This is how I know
Yesterday is ended
Starting new
Staring at a ceiling
Involuntary shiver
Summer is over
Long winter three years long
Clouds so grey
All of a sudden it is dawn
Rain struggles to
Wash the bitter taste away
Clock reads 4:00 am now

Thursday, September 9, 2010

jet plane


Looking for a jet plane

On a sandy knoll
Just a play thing
At the whim of a colourful butterfly
A little too late for an empty apology
Words without meaning
Very little care
Glances that cut through
How can you bury a Jet plane in the sand?
Odd that the numbers are even on both sides
On street on a bay down near the lake
Anonymity on an odd bay
Sanctuary from the maze of deceit
One could say
Sombre elegance etched in the tile from yester year
Anonymous vigilance
Like a malignant flower
Veiled by the decay
A headache scratching behind the eyes
Conscious thought a kind of agony

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tears on fire

Tears on fire
Burning with the rain
Silent sorrow
Discontent flared
Paralyzed by beliefs
Acquiesced on the other side of never
Devotion insanity
Attitude sanguine
The taste of disappointment
Brittle yet expected
Self deception
Learning to see the truth
Recognize the tricks one’s mind plays
Hidden in the facts
Superman sells kryptonite
To the unworthy
What does it mean?
Framing silhouettes’
In wordy allegory
Memories hovering like morning fog
Dissipates quickly

Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting by the phone

Waiting by a phone
For a call
That will never come
Time crawls
Tick tock
Every movement in slow motion
I know it will never arrive
But there is always hope
One day may arrive
Just maybe
As the lid
Comes down
Wasting the days away
Stopping it no use
One day was yesterday
Maybe in June
A line in the sand
Frozen in memories
Echoing off the rhythm
Of natures heart
As the waves
Wash the lines away
As the jet planes
Fly over head
At 34000 feet
Nowhere near here