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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

without a name tag

After tired
Before exhaustion
The voices knows
In this world of between

Looking at the big wheels
As they fly by
In this white soup

The weariness sets in
Resilience of the sleep deprived
Amusement of everyday

Looking up at the lights
Gift wrapped
Without a name tag

Coincidental martyr
Just because
Nothing is fair

Some lessons are costly
Learning to hear instinct
Scars everywhere

The voices knows
In this world of in between
After tired and before exhaustion

Monday, December 24, 2012


Your mouth makes
Your mind can never keep
Some wounds heals 
Scabbed over in regret
 Rubbing statues for luck
Appreciating the marble
Seen a  lady once
The most beautiful  scene
An Angel with a baby in her arms
Wasn't sure if was real or a dream
Seeing her there took my breath away
Lights reflecting red and blue
Standing there staring
A marble statue breathing
Looking on indifferently
Wasn't sure if this was a dream
Some wounds heal
Scabbed over in regret 
Breathing Marble standing there
With a baby in her arms
Red and blue lights flashing
Looking on with irrelevant disgust 
Her face looks so  familiar 
A name will not come
Statue standing on the sideline
Seeing her took my breath away
Wish I could know her
Meet the baby in her arms
So familiar was her stare
A lady a could spend my life with
Some wounds heal
Scabbed over in regret
Marble breathing 
Light down a long tonal
Statue moving farther away
The one with a familiar face
A voice in the shadows
Bringing me back to here and now
The frost building on life
Covering in frozen Doubt  
Reflecting all the lights 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

In this world

In this world
Where snow falls up
And frost feels warm
Short days and long nights
A man sees what he sees
A boy listens and watches 
Snow settles were it falls
Foot steps leaving tracks
I feel sorry for those 
That have done me wrong
The things they  say 
so their hearts can  be calm
Already Forgot your face
Some doors close forever
Walking as quiet as the shadow
Snow settles where it falls
Footprints leaving tracks
Where ice melts the rain
Words burn deeper then fire

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Snap shots 

Working through the day
Lingering limbo
Years falling like calendar days

Snap shots

Agony of every day
Waiting it to end
Pink mist 

Colors with every breath
Remembering lost minutes
Meteorite dust littering

Every second ends
Every minute fallows
Silhouettes shadows

Clearly not my dream
Dust builds 
Leaving people in snap shots

Feeling discarded 
Will be fine
Being that other guy

Colors live
Deleting memories
Every second ends

Clearly not my dream
Waiting for E's and an age
Every minute fallows

Trees tie their roots deep
The antagonism of  two am 
Watching hoar frost form

A habit of every day
Like it should be done
As the seconds fallow

Monday, December 17, 2012

Maybe Just Once

Maybe just once
Life comes  down 
On the side of hope
Why is there hate
Why is the there indifference
A calm ironic irrelevance
 You look sad
Maybe just once
Hope has a chance
Like a lotto ticket
The ringing keeps coming
Hello are you sleeping
Yes I was sleeping
Maybe just once
Life comes  down
On the side of hope
Even when it is to late
An irrelevant calm
Ironic indifference 
Mocking perfect things
Looking past the hate
Hope you find what your looking for
Hope you find your happiness
Maybe just once
Life comes down
On the side of hope

Saturday, December 15, 2012


This limbo
It is stuck
Got to figure it out
Lips touch gently
One that you feel
All over your body
From the tips of your toes
To the warm in your soul
All the others before
Gone to waste
Lost in the hast of life
This limbo
Driving crazy
It’s got to go
A frosty touch
A timid beginning
In this storm
Forlorn lingering
Freudian myth
 Limbo indifferent
It is stuck
Got to let it slip away
lost time a stray
cool lips
once a life time
gone in this murkiness

Friday, December 14, 2012

Full moon reflection

Six months away
in the month of Jason
sometime between July
and Novmber
the water will be calm

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Painted Horses

Painted horses
Carousel ride
Repeating circles
A hole
Where blood should be
People come
People disappear
Sun burning
Little black holes
Walking this desert
Of lost souls
Innocence without hope
A gallery of snap shots
Reflections of the distorted
Twisted memories

Painted horses
Running in circles
Frozen in time
Carnival carousel of mistakes
Scar tissue builds
Just another callus
An empty hole
Where blood should go
People come
Then disappear
Walking in this desert
Soulless Angels
With their methadone eyes
Snap shots of tomorrows
Can you change it now?
A decade from yesterday
As lonely as that can be
Counting back from five
As the horses slide pass
Out running the darkness