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Friday, January 9, 2015


Lost strangers
Meaningless questions
In open air

Did you break her heart?
No she broke mine

Puzzles’ with misshaped pieces
One or two lost on the floor
The picture does not look like that anymore

History is painful
Your eyes show lost
More clearly than anything

Loneliness is a companion
Never to let you down

Insomnia taking a toll
Happiness an unattainable goal
Hope the allusion

Mundane reality

Monday, January 5, 2015

Magnificant Facades

Placid facades
Magnificent desolation
In the meantime
There is always hope
a volcanic human persistence
Jade rabbits hunting
Dragons on the moon
The death clutch of forgotten wars
Terrifying curse as the world yawns
In the end so many lives destroyed
Frozen in more ways
The noises confusing and angry
Ruined and trapped in time
Inextricably entwined
In a downward spiral
Flocks of crows waiting for dinner
More encrypted censorship
Escalated conflict
Merchants of misery giggle
Intrepid placid facades
Glass houses