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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blind man can see

Blind man can see the smoke lining the clouds
Some good among the fragments
Sarcasm is an art form
Measuring the half life of dreams
Irrecoverable fragments
Calculated from one point in time to another
Double meaning lining up along the walls
Remembering running by the fields all covered with snow
The ice freezing on me eyes and in my lungs
Each word in my ears
From the last two years
The beat matching the foot steps
Over 26 miles along a dirt trail
The path a lonely empty road
Running to get away from the memories
Still stuck in my head
Running till my body gives up
And I crash in the snow
Self pity is a hard to sallow
And still look in the glass

Back Masking

Emotional Back masking
Playing the dreams backwards
Looking for hope
Heartbreaking to blissful instead of
Pleasurable the miserable
The cut healing
Stopping the blood flow
Scar tissue to laughs echoing off
Bar stools
Everything lining up
And not trying to knock you down
Smiling faces
Along a wall
Money bars with great lyrics
Bodies sway with the beat
Anticipation never gives up expectations
Emotional back masking
Playing life backwards
From death to birth
Words never covered in red
Where is the editor for relationships?
Maybe there is an application

Monday, June 28, 2010

The light of the day

Looks different in the light of day
A decade of deceit
Paradise in the dark
Horrendous in the dawn
Dire thoughts on a note pad
Happiness in a song
Positive endings
Perhaps one day

Long walks with a ghost
Emptiness can be filled
Wishing for a ship in a bottle
Knowing better

Tossing it out there
Seeing if anything floats back
The wind takes it away
Always out to sea

Sunlight combs the sand
Warmness of its embrace
Happiness defined


Laughter wafts in the air
Wet sand is everywhere
Wilted weasels bask in light
Where is the night

Little girl comes up to me
Asks if I am her daddy
Familiarly strangler we could be
Sorry, my little girl is over there

Gently floating giggles
Arrive out of thin air
A tone a little of fear
Carried by the breeze

Wind gusts pick up
Adrenaline junkies are flying
A chuckle is still present
As a big girl comes over

Says Hi daddy
Time is lost
Words echo
The indifference

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Wishing for the warm winds of the Mediterranean
The sunsets that burn their beauty into one’s mind
Music that beats long into the night
And seems to breathe, on its own
The sand that draws the wealthy to its shores
An island oasis in the middle of a sea
Party faces painted on
Whimsical, musical, creamsical
Melting feeling in the heat
Painting canvas in the dreamy light
As billion dollar yachts anchor
Off shore with music beating on the door
A little stone house on cliff
Standing there for several centuries
On guard for eternity
Watching over the invasion
The light prefect to paint
The bodies in the sand
Could this be heaven?

Intangible dream

Wanting to be real
Sincerity bleeds through the sarcasm
Unreal emotional attachment
An illusion based on desire
Comfort over bravery
The question has been answered
Red rimmed eyes staring across deserts
Tedium twilight strains
Humorous laughter shields cowardice
Surreal effects litter arguments
Facts cloud truths
Apologies lay on tombstones
Pity is never utilitarian
Darwinism oasis an intangible dream
Words have meaning lost in translation
Fables are made of less
Emergency crews never seem to run
Bullets leave trails across the heavens
Devine is this what does it means
The path chooses the outcome
Goals are dynamic it would seem
Faith rules make

Happiness is an illusion

Happiness is an illusion
Betrayed by reality
Hoping for uniqueness in conformity
Ones soul sealed at birth
Wondering in urban trees of glass
Cement the new grass
Baby steps
Patience rewarded
With illusion
False promises
One tear among the rain drops
Betrayed souls the angels of the future
Crawling for an ideal
Pain their only friend
Ghosts amidst the fog

Without prejudice

Without prejudice
Altruism is an interesting tool
Dictators use it to pad their accounts
Machiavellian approach to reality
Mercenary hearts are never honest
Until it suits them
Look into their eyes
See if they believe the words
Good judgment and honest

At some level on their death bed

Morality inept and ethically challenged
Even doctors can be cruel and bestial in nature
Your suggestion is entertaining
Licentious are his actions
As to rapacity his objective
You’re nothing but a fool tool
Honest and his name should never be in the same line
Experience makes it unworthy

He retains the capacity to shock and annoy

Curiosity or slander
What is the next tool to be utilized?
The arsenal widens
The plot thickens
Indifference is the only emotion
Desperation will compel time lines
When reason has vanished
The hostilities will reconcile

No more surprises

The ground will be decided
Plans dynamic
Success will be the terrain
Indifference the only concern

Mercenary souls are dearly departed

Friday, June 25, 2010

Invisible Meaning

Empty and invisible
Closure without end
Ending without finishing
Moving forward by walking backwards
Stepping into the future
Facts blurred by folklore
Smiles on the outside

Trusting in anticipation
Hopelessly wishing
Emotional attached
Renationalized distain
Will it matter in five years?
Choice in many things

Instant gratification
Slow burning karma
Self pity and anger
Sands flow out of the broken class
Eaten up time

Reflections in a rain drop are distorted
Broken hearts are colorblind
Choices made on a line in the sand
An invisible wall
Hard to cross
Impossible to step over

As a spine freezes in the summer heat
Familiar strangers that share bloodlines
Injustice legalized called egalitarianism
Shinny new and covered in rust
Liquidity is an asset to dynamics
A smile on the outside

Refreshing water bitter sweet
Iron flavored, Salty and warm
The colour of the sun in the early morn
In a pool amongst the broken glass
Questions gone in a flash

Recorded digitally
On a memory card
Stored in gray matter
Changing the music to a happy beat
Smiles on the inside

Coach says "your back in the game!"
get off the bench
go play


Being able to trust
Being honest

Weather not a factor
As it reminds me of being alive
And I love it all
Good and bad

Sharing love
Whether it be the color of the clouds
Or the smell of the wind
And being trusted

Free will
A Choice to choose
And being chosen
And laughing

A difference was made
A life complete

Place of my own
Safety for three and me
And giggles

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Requiem to midnight

A song without a beat
Without words
Or a rhythm

Yet it talks to your soul
Reminds you of the little things
And is burned into your mind

A hymn that is ageless
Vibrates through your skin
A chant in tones

Like raindrops in storm
On the hottest day in June
A day after the solstice

Freezes your skin
Then evaporates
Cools the torment

Requiem to midnight
On a mountain top
Where a glacier melts

The water of the lake
Is bluer then the sky
A place on summit

Where a requiem by Mozart
Will be my lullaby
And the rain drops will float to the sea

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

seven minutes to midnight

Seven minutes to midnight
When dragonflies play
Feasting on reality
Seven deadly sins
All before the clock strikes
And time runs out

Seven minutes to midnight
The ladies dance
Reaching out to touch the fire
One among them breathing words in flames
Wrapping her arms like wings in an inferno

Seven minutes to midnight
Is that lady dancing with fire?
My future or just a memory
Gone in the past
Burn out like a dragonfly in the flames
Chanting to a song

Seven minutes past midnight
Sitting around the ambers
The simmering glow telling a narrative
As the dragonfly plays
And sleep pulls me to her bosom
Patience has time limits too

Monday, June 21, 2010

Touched on the sands

Touched by a messenger
Wings yellow like a Crusader of old
A butterfly landed on my hand today
Like a monarch with yellow wings
The beach was crowded
Yet the messenger landed
Divine in it flight
Taking a rest on a beach
A stop on it's way
Between the rains
The thunder and lightening shows
Why did it decide to land on my hand for five minutes?
When so many hands in the crowed
Elders would say a message was delivered
The meaning meant for one
The process of knowing
part of the journey
Captured by it beauty
Then it released me
Not touching the ground
Landing in a nearby tree
Waiting to see
A Crusader taking a break
From a long journey

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moving sculpture

Driving in a prairie storm
A master piece of moving sculpture
A bonus when one can see the road
Water pelts the windshield like hammers
Lightening sheets the sky
Living like an octopus in the sea
Stretching out across the heavens
A slender unmatched
There for a hundredth of second
Then burned into the imagination
Thuds echo and boom
Louder than a rock concert
Vibrating everything like kids toys
A reminder that a divine hand is a finger tip away

Friday, June 18, 2010

Words of a poet

The words of a poet
Can have meaning to many
Each translated differently
And a message to one
Once analyzed the words seem canalized
Significance diluted
Dying a little death
The language of words
Pointing at the morning star
On the horizon
Just above sincerity
What is the lexis?
That you would use
Isolation is watching
History washed by
As it passes into the future

Thursday, June 17, 2010

there is no better joy

There is no better joy
Then to be wanted
Or to be loved
Some things are fleeting
But not the above

When three sets of eyes looked up
When three mouths said feed me
Put clothes on me

Elation when you see one of three
Score points in a basketball game

Happiness when two of three
Spells money with just one mistake

Blissful when three of three
Sits on knee to play

There is an end even to joy
But not the memories of family
Tears in need

There is no better joy
Then family
Demanding attention
Some things are fleeting
But not the above

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Comes with the wind
For a second turning
Spinning out of control
The aroma of thinking
Fresh from the earth
Best within hours
Like bread from an oven
And can be anything
From the sound of a bee
To the colour of a tree
The shape of a rock
Perfume in mall parking lot
Size of a dot
Music from another land
News reports that want let go
And up in color on a canvas
Or a sketchbook page
On the floor
Wilting after
If left unperturbed
Empty and unfulfilled

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Iconic lines written

Iconic lines written
Crimson hues cloud the sky
Tails of two lives
Interwoven in lies

Truer lines saved for better times
Drama grows under the blanket of snow
Engrossing story of self sacrifice

Tragically fanaticism griping people’s souls
Indifference sweating out my pores
Hearts of three open like a platter
Painted on plaster

Complication scenario hunting
Treasure is not what everyone seeks
Mistakes line this life

Every story has a beginning
Some have middles and all must end
Others flicker and are flung aside, forgotten
In some cases the narrative continues

Gliding through the clouds
Adrenaline junkies fade
flesh to memories


Sarcasm hindering honesty
Like silent truth
Familiar strangers sequestered
In a place for a time
Years later asking, “Who was that?”
Untouchable angels
Their words haunting
Unwanted and discarded
Directional wanderings
Wondering why daydreams
What ifs
Drowning in words
Purpose without a destination

illusion hidden in allegory

Things are not what they seem
They are an illusion hidden in allegory

Stories with in stories reflecting mirrors
Metaphors explaining reality

Life is a fable based on broken dreams
Spiraling images blending shadows

Burning candles equally from both ends
Questions in answers balancing on a fence

Complicated reality passing with no self pity
The path of life tossing rocks

Only what you can handle
A test of nature

Is moving forward a step back
The meaning layered in metaphors

Comforting the coldness of morning
And the warmth of a black sun

Spontaneous beauty

Spontaneous beauty
Out of pain
Works of art out of the decay
Expressions written in brush strokes

Spiritual seeking on the first millimeters of a canvas
Paradox in life and art form
As the layers build up hiding the foundation

Mystical potential floats with the flakes of nature
Creativity slipping away
Beauty in every drop of rain
The frost on the trees
The sound of the waves
Reflection of the moon

Spontaneous glances see beauty
Where splendor hides in plain sight
Works of Art out of ache
Expressions painted on every page
Some may read

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vanished friends

Quiet conversation about Voltaire
Volcanic action in Iceland or violence is Iran
The world is turning over

Still friends vanish
In the mist of early morning light
Warm walks in the rain to warm my soul

Voltaire headless and missed placed
Volcanic action after five hundred years
Violence on the horizon

Mist covers their faces
In the early morning along the trail
Almost stepping back in time

When everything was the same
And nothing was tame
Then the mist clears and the sun peeks

The rain feels warm in the summer time
Where does this train end?
Looking on from the edge


Now a stone from an antique land

Commanding all but sand
Passions of a sculptor a sneer

Life stamps that read in a pit of despair
Decay remains

Wrecked in shards of bare rock
Half sunk in the flowers that come with the rain

Chasing the wind
Choking on sand

Ramses wrapped in cloth
Only the name remains here and there

Sun rises beautiful over a shattered lip
Poxviruses affect statues in time

Even those that believe they are noble
Beauty reflected visage lies

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The fog

Calm voices scream over the noise
Silky warm with a numbing effect
Looking out those mannequin eyes
Dante’s canticle on the store window

Hanging above swinging rhythmically
Inclined to believe this is living
Unnerving the box within a box can be
Mantra to my ears

Silky calm whisper
There you be, come with me
Hanging by the thinnest of threads
A mannequin in a window

A leap of  faith wanting the plastic to crack
Consciousness exceptional bleak
A strange commute
Driving through fog

Ice floating in the air
Shadows in the dark
Inching forward blindly
At a hundred miles a hour

Esoteric falsehoods
Manipulated by a metaphors
Learned skill
Augmented through practice

The voice remains

Pointing the way

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunset temptation

The sun shines across the water
Particles dancing along the coast
Over the clouds in brilliant hues
Water splashing to her internal rhyme
Thoughts of getting up and chasing the horizon
Temptation calling my name
Memories flash by in a whiff of smoke
Only visible in memories
Ghosts of people I once cared about
Walk by on a caracal
The rays dim on the horizon
Fading to black
The tide rolls in
A life of her own
Tempted to get up and run
Walk towards the horizon
Baby steps to a new reality
New beginning once again
Starting over at the end
Rhyme with every beat

Filling a hole

Digging in the Sand

Digging in the sand
Screaming where is that phoenix
Shelly thinking it was in London town
In a gallery on the west bank
Or was it Paris
Reborn to be burned again
A bird metaphorically dancing in the flames
This cannot be paradise
A cruel joke experience plays
Who’s malicious Machiavellian humor whispers?
Shock value demanding and depending on black mail
Emotional keys cloud a foggy sky
The sand drifts over statuses of kings of kings
From distant lands and enchanted sunsets
On rings made of gold
Even kings will watch a crimson sky

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hypnotic beauty

Drops of rain falling in the trees
Fog in the mountains floating like a dream
Running along the trail bed at sunrise

Banana milkshakes when the sunshine melts plastic
Sunsets in prairie skies
Blue water on a Glacier Lake

Birds floating in the air
Laughter when children play
Fresh made bread

Free will to decide
Walking along a path

Rain Slides

Rain slides off the windshield
Music thumps like a living thing
Water slides up dancing in the wind
The essence of life
Driving through the clouds
Hardly touching the ground
The fields will be emerald
If the sun will shield some light
Even this scene is celestial
Driving through the clouds
Like the Greeks of old
On the plains of Atlantis
With thoughts of immensity
Trying to be temperate
Fast forward to the prairies
Extremes of destiny
Distain down the drain
If one looks to the place
Were the rain splashes
Dreams are washing away
Where a stone house used to be
On a beach in the sand
Cracked and discarded
Seven miles up a lake

Where a sea used to be
On the west bank
Hope can fill the cracks
For a time
Fade to silence
Water dancing to an internal rhythm
Soon a day will be here
One day among many
A windy Amour
A distant memory
Can you see yourself behind the wheel?
Driving in a down pour
Wondering about the future now

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

waiting for the night

Waiting for the night
Waiting for the night

The sun rise will come
Waiting for the hours to tick by
The sun will rise for another day
The shadows are long
Memories float like fog in the morning
Laughter long gone
Waiting by the phone empty calls never returned
The shadows will fade
The sun will warm my soul
Memories will crystallize
The night will come
Sitting and waiting for the night
The sun warms my soul
Dancing in the fog

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunsets on the water is magical

Sunsets on the water are magical
Sailing on waves so smooth
Spiritual as one looks at the horizon
The sun kisses the water in the distance
Colours explode crimson, royal blue to black
Liquid turns red in the suns embrace
One can almost smell the angels as the watch ticks off the hours
Secret packages that scratch the soul deep
Watching nature’s kaleidoscope
Feeling the disadvantage
Scooping up the rays of life
Entraining ones inner being
Sense tingle, all five, as if the gods painted this picture for the
As the canvas on the ship unfolds greeting the skies in a lovers embrace

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Under the shadows

In the shadow of a single tree
On a bench were no bench could be
Waiting for what will never come
Passed it on the highway here

Memories disjointed
Linked by reason
Silent conversations

History will read something else
Lost a deal with reason
Everything happens for a reason
It is divine

Choices made in heaven
The future is a tree
With its roots in the ground

Pulled out and replanted
So many times
Up is down

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If mimes could talk

What would they say?
About the people that came their way
Would they be happy?
In their touristic aptitude
Or trying to escape in some way
At street corners
Asking for peoples pittance
Everyone has a story
Some are filled with dramatics
Others with courage
Some with misfortune
Adventure and tragedy
Perhaps even a little honesty
Mixed in with the deceit
The smiles hiding truths
When cames the flower
Covered in dust
See a mime
And understand the sublime


Silhouettes of faces on caravel circus tents
The people I have known
The valleys on a roller coaster
Are all at ground level
As people look up in anticipation

A silhouette in the forest as the sun sinks down
Faces in the shadows
Eyes asking why
Everyone a reflection
Questions still being asked

Silhouettes of cars along the highway
Eyes in the window shields as they pass
Walking down the centre line
As the semi s comb by
No duets singing about pity

Silhouettes in the clouds
The brush of an artist called nature
Making painters’ bitter inaptitude
The taste never sweet
Missing the voice of intelligence

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Silence in the forest
The quiet before the dawn
Calm prior to the rush
Creativity divine
As colors splash the horizon
The sun warming my spine

Shadows between the lines
Hard to see the grey
Only blacks against the rays
Colors in the clouds
That takes your breath away

Silence is an answer
To almost every question
If you listen hard
You can hear the tension
Steps to the past
Going both ways

Silence in the early morning
Before the sun takes the moisture away
Steam wafts up
Like a dream
Reminding you that things will be