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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

cast away

Dancing with the devil
Noise even in the silence
Invisible under camouflage
The devil likes to get his way
A darkness blinding
The noise ringing in ones ears
Invisible in the shadows
Heaven’s cast away
Omnipresent serpent
Cold blooded
Dancing with fire
An apple kissed by gravity
Dancing with the devil
Will leave you scorched
Ashes on the ground

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prison all the same

Finding that dream
Hedging a thin line
On a Chaucerian trail
Crawling towards yesterday
Smiling at tomorrow
Every face is familiar 
All strangers lost in an urban wilderness 
Chasing yesterday 
That dream that has changed
It is only stuff 
Looking in a mirror 
Familiar stranger staring back 
Chasing that dream 
Finding it’s a nightmare 
The door remains unlocked
A prison all the same

Monday, September 23, 2013


Stone doors
Glass walls
On display
For the people
Craved in marble
On the threshold
The ice fog so thick
Appearing like snow
Forgotten promises

A door to keep people in
A door to keep people out
For the people
A cynical charade
Written in stone
The pretense subtle
The entryway bricked over in stone
Artificial accountability
When will they remember?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Minutes away from Destiny

Early morning haze 
Things look clear 
Different yet normal
Clearness of a hazy day
Trust what is new
Passing the cross
That marks the spot 
When I knew
Seeing the shadow
A shadow from something so small
Covering so much
It falls on all that history
Tainting everything I thought was real
Under the shadow of a cross
A spirit rests
Anonymous to me
Fresh flowers daily
A spot on the road of life
I pass twice daily
A clear glance in the haze
13 minutes away from destiny 
A bell will ring 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

False calm

A false calm
Waiting for that perfect moment
That person that never comes

The reaper waits 
His white Hearst on the side of the road
Foreshadowing at exit c

A calm false
The hard running you down
The perfect moment will come

A white Hearst in still
Waiting patiently at exit c
Foreshadowing for all designed for one

Frozen in fear
Appearing calm
As the ambulance picks up the pieces 

The reapers sharpens tools
His white car shiny and new
Waiting for the chosen one

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dancing on moon light

Finding bliss
What does that look like
Different from yesterday
Dancing on moon light
Waltzing in the glow 
Taste of mercy
What it used to be
A simple song 
In a complex world
Finding bliss was different 
When we were young 
An amber glass in the sun
Laughter in the breeze 
Finding a happy bliss
Dancing on moon light
Waltzing in the glow
Teasing fate with a smile
A simple song
Repeating the same old line
Dancing on moon light
Waltzing in the glow
Making complex simple
And breaking  rules
Dancing in moon's glow
Waltzing in the dark
Turning life upside down
Teasing fate with a smile 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Down by the Lake

Down by lake shore
I found my sound 
As the sun shines
Kids play on the swings
The same ones we played on
Not so long ago
Down by the lake 
I found the sound I was looking for
A nature keeps the beat
With waves hitting the shore
The sound of the train echoes on the far shore
Wish you were here to share
These memories in paradise 
By a lake so long 
And not very wide
I believe it's mine
Sitting here singing 
Thinking if you all the time 
Down by that lake
Where I first saw you
I found the sound I was looking for
Nature accompanies with sunshine
As the waves keep beat 
hitting the shore
The train sounds like an harmonica 
Adding a touch of lonely to this song