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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

random writing just for fun

Tinker was a dealer spreading her vices and calling it magic dust which made 40 year olds feel like they were five years old and invisible. The Captain had been trying to capture her for decades. The people of the force believed that the captain was hooked on her. Tinker was famous to the donut crowd as she seemed to float in and then just melt into the throng of people whether at a mall or the state fare.

There were rumors that tinker and Captain Bell had been married at one time but no one seemed to know for sure. One thing for sure was the captain wanted the dust to be stopped and the dealers put away for a long time. Tinker was at the top of the list and Detective Pan was assigned to go under cover in an effort to investigate. Pan was a new agent and an unknown quality in this city. Some said he is an adrenaline junkie who is crazy for speed and anything with a board. Kite boarding in winter and summer as well as surfing and skiing. The photos on his desk confirmed the rumors. I was his new partner and would be his only contact when he went undercover in the weeks to come. The Hook wanted us to get to know each other on an out of bounds experience in Vancouver Canada and then from there to Whistler. A team building experience with adrenaline and black diamond runs tossed in for fun. All this and make contact with Detective Chia of the Vancouver Police service and Detective Morgan of the RCMP who both had been tracking Tinkers operations in Canada. What a starting point for a new story.

Today however was the last time I would be able to hang at the beach as I was moving all my belonging into an apartment. Married life was over and a two bedroom box was my new home. Strangely I was looking forward to it. A fresh start and a new job yet still a box. Things that make you think back to the days. I had got all my things from my old house. Amy was there trying to argue with her new friend and our old family doctor. Life can be interesting but thinking back no one has that many physicals.

I am out now and in the new apartment. I look at the white walls and white cabinets. What am I in a hospital? The phone rings and Pan says I am down stairs get your rigging on we are hitting the waves.

Nice! I trip to the church of Mother Nature. The waves will wash my soul this day.

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