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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it shall be

Forever can last a tear drop
Life is made up with questions
Only those strong enough will walk through
Can anyone do the impossible?
Convincing one is intrinsic
In this place at this time
Not everyone can see the beauty in the wind
Any where is a time in the future
Until next time
Convenient strangers
I am asking now about the color of musical notes
Not ever thing is as it appears nor does anyone really care
Including the longest word in the English dictionary
Have the tool to figure it out but not the will
I see that people can hide behind walls even when invisible
Leaving by the front door
In this space there can be a blank
Pulling relations apart
Infinite can be a life time or less than a second
Lifting a soul off the floor can take a second
It is believable for a life time though
Fabricated affection can burn when is painted even with the best intentions
Intention are not meant to hurt but sometimes
Conflicting messages can too
All anyone wants is honesty
Total and complete honesty even though it burns a little
In a sentence or two
On a warm day with the breeze blowing just so
Now that is a possibility as the weather is always true