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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toxic angel

Toxic angel
Friendly angel
Deviant angel
Heavenly angel

Many types of angels in the sky
Flying around making a move
Deciding to help
Or standing back laughing

Not a tear in your eye
Not a scream in the air
Your wings will get clipped
One day soon

Toxic angel
Making comments that hurt
Your pain is evident in what you say
Bring others down
Cause you don’t know your way

Friendly angel
The room lights up when you enter a room
Cause you have that way
Smiles abound because you make people feel good inside

Deviant one
Your thoughts are out of bounds
Pushing the limit
No one knows if you are serious
You sit back waiting to see which way the wind blows

Heavenly one
The guardians of hope
The keepers of dreams
Touch me with your wing
Be the miracle a in dream