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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book of Words

Book Of Words
William Wright

Published By Bitter Artist Inc. 2008

10 things

Be happy for the time is now
Get more time with three
Fill the glass up
Look and see
Travel to homeland once
Be there for family and friends
Be healthy for three
Things can be replaced time cant
Your angel will surprise you
Let it happen

A drop of rain
A drop of rain
As the sun sets on another day
I feel a like a drop of rain in the middle of a field
Reflecting the colours the sky
Deep purples to fire red
As a mirror does ones own image
The eyes stare back looking for imperfections
On the rock I sit nothing but a small sphere looking for feelings
As the temperature drops to freezing
My shape changes to ice
On the surface of the rock
There is no pain
There is no thought
Just a change in shape, space and time
In the morning the sun will rise to warm the rock
And I will melt to drop
The ground will adsorbs
The moisture is absorbed as the crowds will my memory

A Kryptonite Cross

A Kryptonite cross lies heavy on my soul.
Where the river flows
As the wind blows
I run by the fields
Each little flower holds a tear from the sky
Thinking about the mountains I climbed
And the rivers I crossed to get here
In the middle of no where
You walk across my soul
Without looking my way
It breaks my heart in so many ways
My spirit is twisted
You laugh and cry and it reminds me of
The way it could have been

The night is a pound us

The night is a pound us
Winter freeze in the air
Nature taking a deep breath
A long sleep before starting
Again with a flurry
The snow flakes floating
Washing nothing away
Just a cover up
Hiding under a blanket
No clouds in the sky
I wonder why
Were does the snow come from

A little boy runs across the street

A little boy runs across the street
Thinking he is Spiderman
On his bike he goes
His sister laughs as Spidy giggles
Spidy flies by the brother who is playing with friends

A scream comes from my mouth

A scream comes from my mouth
but it goes unheard
My eyes are blood red
and it goes unnoticed
The river flows through
and the rains come down
The thunder yells across the sky
The animals take shelter and I stand still
Smelling the rain
Hearing the river
And seeing the thunder roll through the clouds
And I stand still
The people walk through the terminal to catch their planes
I sit and watch and wait
Yet you never arrive
Never even cared
I will not wait any more
I have to move on
I need to move on
When you come it will be too late
And yet
I may turn around
Walking back to you
if you would just ask
When you drove away
You never looked back
Another cut on the soul
Happy I hope you be
Happy I will be one day with determination

Bad movie

It sounds like a bad movie
The script unbelievable
Surreal in it weariness
Devastatingly predetermined
Clouds blanket the sky
The sun still shines anyway
Faces flash by in a heart beat
The angel looks down and does what angels do
Playing their many angels games
The future is bright in a tarnished way
A smile that can melt me resonates in memory
Anxious are the long term consequences

An interesting run

It has been an interesting run.
New images intermesh with
Older thoughts with every mile covered,
Words echo in my ears and antiquated
Arguments are replayed in my mind.

Each step forward is,
Another step away from you.
The pain in my heart is replaced by the one in my knees.
As my mind and body mold into someone else you say nothing.
We are not the people that we once were.

Your hatred and self loathing is like a cancer eating your soul.
It controls the beautiful person that you once were.
The hours you spend visiting your friend on the phone,
is motivating me, not to care.

The time you spent in the beach house with your friend and
Another couple is like a dagger cutting my soul.

As the clouds block the view

As the clouds block the view of the star shining high above
The music plays on as the colours splash through my thoughts
Reminders of the time we shared are everywhere
Words in the songs and the taste in air
Places that we have been and plan to
Thoughts of you are in everything
The clouds drift on and the sun shines through
Millions of miles away the history coming to us in the present
Yet the music plays on and the colour splashes still
Three will grow and move on
Happy memories there somewhere
The clouds block the view and music splashes through

Angel say you will stay.

Angel say you will stay.
Don’t run away.
Your wings are clipped.
I will be your distraction.
Go with your heart.
You know what it says.
Let the claws of a tiger run through my hair.
Your mind says Stop It but your heart says what?
Your claws have scratched me deep!
Life is complex but it will become an adventure!
Come laugh your life away.
I am trying to find our beach.
It may travel through us.
Through a different country yet.
The fire is in our conversations.

Baby steps sound very intriguing

Baby steps sound very intriguing
As the world escalates into an impending calamity
Incongruous that you ask if I had someone over last night
As you return with the sun
Your attitude is a symbol of your resolve
Just like that an idyllic day is over
Were this is gong is but a cryptic chest game
Purgatory on one hand yet heaven on the other with the three
Bitter artist inc. dieing a slow painful frustration
A life not yet fulfilled

Angels fall like drops of rain

Angels fall like rain drops from the sky
The heavens open up to cry
The sounds of the angels hitting the ground
Is like hail cutting the fields down

Angels have feelings to
And a job to do
Feeling they don’t know they are searching for
Are their jobs redundant?

One angel is all I am asking for
Catch her before she hits the ground
Hope she lands on my face
Runs down my cheek like a rain drop

To touch my lips
To taste the salt of the heavens
Just one angel please
To make my life complete

The drop to make me hole again
To share life as one
To lift me up
So my heart can touch the clouds

Memories of the past

I sitting in a local drinking hole listening to tail of battles and my mind wonders to the distant past and an ancient times about the three….the three( two brothers and sister) who would battle each other at the drop of a hat.. the voice of the people wonder into and out hear shot as I remember the times….good and bad but never boring..

As the wind blows, the snow around in the field, the battle rages on.

Light sabers flying through the air slicing down in a flurry of action.

The combatants are three battling each other. One is a princess, who picks up a shoe and tosses it at the head of another fighter at the same time using her light saber to defend herself from our little super hero batman or Spidy ( who ever his is today.)

The target of the shoe is the rink rat that goes by the title of “cool man J” is getting into the fray at the same time he is flying through the air and slashing with his sword at the bat…

All three, look to attack at the same time, changing sides when opportunity for success is present in the others camp..

The bat giggles and attacks the princess and slashes at the cool man at the same time hitting the princesses, who scream and starts to running after the bat. The cool man jumps off the couch and tries to do a summersault ending up on is back on the floor. In the laughter that continues the bat boy screams and runs to find daddy-O thinking that battle has turned against him.

Daddy0 enters the fray unaware that he has become the target of their joined attack (the little savages). Any way the battle quickly turns into a fireball exchange as ball after ball are fired at each in turn. Cool man J is again in the mix jumping from one chair to the next throwing balls and laughing his head off. The princess is also throwing balls and having balls thrown at her.

The bat tackles daddy-o wrapping his arms and his legs around my knee making escape impossible…the others scream encouragement to the bat as they quickly attack themselves with swords and balls hitting me in the face and arms and chest and back…the giggles continue from all four as the bat goes for a ride on my leg..

The conversation continues now but many of the people have started to leave. Being replaced by a different crowd older and wiser…The waitress returns yet again asking if wished anything smiling. What does she want?

The bat sails through the air landing on a couch and giggle as he springs back up asthe other two charge on me and we all land on the floor in laughter. My head snaps back as the bat lands on my forehead flying off the couch. Dam bat thinks he can fly and he just did..

Cause it feels like forever

The trees drop their essence
Getting ready for their sleep
The birds take provisions for their flight

We crank the heat
Wishing for the sand

Sitting at home alone
What are you thinking?
Cause it feels like forever

Were has the summer gone
The fire is out
The beach a distant memory
The sand hot on the feet

It feels like home
Even though you’re gone
Cause it feels like forever

It’s ugly now
As the snow flows in the wind
The trees look dead
Although their in a deep sleep

It takes my breath away
Thinking of you
Cause it feels like forever

Should I continue to post all 160 of them?

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