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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Change has to happen
Has to happen in the mind
Before the heart
Time cannot heal time
Lost on drama Ave
When everyone is hanging on
I don’t care boulevard
The sun disappears at night
Then the children of the moon come to fight
Change happens in the mind in spite
In spite of what is in one’s heart
Time can’t heal time
No matter what colour you dye your hair
Lost on drama Ave without a soul in sight
When everyone is playing on a boulevard
Playing on I don’t care boulevard
Like bugs to candle light
Time heals every thing
Except the look of hate
The look hate that is your fate
Sedate without debate
Change happens to everything
Even when your don’t want it to
Lost on a Ave without directions
Going to a place with calm illusions
Like a fly to candle light
Time heals everything
Except the time
I have been here with you

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