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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfect ballad

It's like writing a song
So many notes
All sounding the same
The  notes are not mine
But the way they flow is
The words already existed
The combination created
A password to a soul
I write them down
The music playing in my mind
If only I learned the notes
So I could join the words
To the music of sound
Making a new language
Along this trip of mine
We could dance to laughter
The beat in this heart
Words missed you could hear
Cause it written on the next line
The sound would only end
When a new song began
Only some many notes
Only some letters
I dont make up the words
Just put them to paper
A story in your mind
Old memories vividly grey
Dancing on an empty floor
The music gone away
Like the ghosts of vividly grey
Sarcastic naturally

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