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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Subtle Paradox

Seven years of yesterday's
A destination of guessing
Wisdom is a well traveled  road
A journey of blind faith
Russian  roulette with a fully loaded car
The results all the same
Classic with subtle undertones
Societies dementia of the now
The alchemist breath turning to gold
Calm look of a fishy eye stare
With VIPs waltzing through
The look of disgust etched deep
All roads lead to Rome
Past all the crumbling stones
Mankind building it up 
Just to do it again
The paradox of repeating mistakes
The fallacies of the everyday
As living life gets in the way
Believing we make a difference
Thinking our ripples mater
In a billion suns 
We are all just dust
Words of philosophical cowboy
There is always someone
Who hurts more
Who's story is worse 
Someone has a book full
Like they are keeping score
It really does not matter

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