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Saturday, June 22, 2013

False Façade

The beautiful façade
Hiding the ugly instead
An exterior shielding only so much
Uncomfortable just to be near
Disturbing silence lingers
The person you are
To the person you wished to be
The voice instead
Tingling the hairs as they rise
A beautiful exterior
Drawing the attention that you desire
False hope and false praise
Owning a piece of you
For the price of an appraisal
Admiration in their worship is fleeting
Can you stand what you see in the mirror?
Or just paint it on deeper
Filling the ugliness you see
Trying to make up in image,
Lacking substance on the interior
Scrap the mud off
Give the world a glimpse
The beauty within
Stop hiding behind false facades
There is beauty with all
A trust is essential to let it show
Trust is a bond that needs to grow
Toss aside the artificial façade

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