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Friday, August 23, 2013

Angel of Flame

Fire Angel
Burning everything in her way
Dancing  flames under the moon
Wings a blaze trailing her every move
Hypnotic rhythm in her sway
Whispering to the moon
Knowing its  going to be burn
Fire angel
Wings of flames 
trail your every move
Hypnotic dance whispering
Drawing all to the flames
Dancing under the moon
Levitating above the ground
Whispering your name
Rhythm of the drums 
Are felt in your bones
Screaming primal needs
Fire angel
Your call is strong
I have been burned 
by those  flames before
Your dance is hypnotic
Pulling me near
Whispering to the moon
Your flames blind the night
The song is over
So I will leave
Your flame can burn 
someone else tonight
Fire angel I say good night

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