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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Words are my heroin
You are my addiction
The sound my religion
Just won’t let go
Writing an infliction
Thinking of you
A touch more than a cure
Delusional fools line up and drool
Words are my drug
Used as a instrument
Music without accompaniment
Silence lingering between sound
A voice with soul
Demanding thought
Like a punch in the dark
Pinching later on
Making me think too much
Never looking back
Yet never letting go
Rudely briefly tenderly
You are my addiction
Worshiping a deity
Excessively and unquestioningly
The devotion left in shattered glass
Broken and discarded on the floor
A poison and the cure
Yet never letting go
A better after taste
Longingly discouraging
Glimpsing short memories
The infliction the cure

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