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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Tableau

Walking through a haze
Clouds near the ground
Making up words to toss around
Some many people with that frosted glaze
Painted on smile wishing this day to gone
Pistachio ice cream in Italy
Cello floating on air
Florence with disaster scared in walls
Colors resolute in desperation
Beautiful in a contextual idealization
Here I gaze at the crystallized windows
Weather so cold it shatters when touched
Is that person sitting there a statue?
Did he freeze there in the night?
A frozen tableau vivant
Get to close
 You too will be there for all time
One more frozen statue
Covered in snow in a winter scene
Walking through the haze
Through the frozen cold in the winter shine
Each day a little shorter making the darkness last longer
The ghosts of those summer fields
Warm and so far away
Beaches refreshing in morning light
So far away

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