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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The steps of the fallen

Today a soldier died
A country hangs it's head shame
On the steps of a Memorial
The gunman hunted down
A shower of lead
Justice for insanity
This country will change
A solder died
In dress uniform
A young man gone
A political statement
Canada will Mourn
A country hangs it's head in shame
The weapon lies empty
On the steps
The steps of the fallen
Now blood stained
A country never the same
Death for vanity
Nameless insanity

Footnote: there is a craziness in this world that is hard to understand or realztionalize were young men and women are shot at random for a statement or a suicid mission cause someone didn't want to die alone. Talking heads are just mixing facts and possibilities... Last week a solder is run down by an individual who's passport was revoked and this week a soilder is murdered. Talking heads suggesting that this a middle eastern promise being fulfilled. At any rate Canada's view of the world is a little different then it was yesterday. A little less nieve and perhaps a little more dangerous...

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