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Monday, December 24, 2012


Your mouth makes
Your mind can never keep
Some wounds heals 
Scabbed over in regret
 Rubbing statues for luck
Appreciating the marble
Seen a  lady once
The most beautiful  scene
An Angel with a baby in her arms
Wasn't sure if was real or a dream
Seeing her there took my breath away
Lights reflecting red and blue
Standing there staring
A marble statue breathing
Looking on indifferently
Wasn't sure if this was a dream
Some wounds heal
Scabbed over in regret 
Breathing Marble standing there
With a baby in her arms
Red and blue lights flashing
Looking on with irrelevant disgust 
Her face looks so  familiar 
A name will not come
Statue standing on the sideline
Seeing her took my breath away
Wish I could know her
Meet the baby in her arms
So familiar was her stare
A lady a could spend my life with
Some wounds heal
Scabbed over in regret
Marble breathing 
Light down a long tonal
Statue moving farther away
The one with a familiar face
A voice in the shadows
Bringing me back to here and now
The frost building on life
Covering in frozen Doubt  
Reflecting all the lights 

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