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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Drowning in the background

Tools of sound
Drowning in the background
Noise with a beat
Motivational clichés
Life lessons by poster
Small town culture
Partner exchange
History tied to mediocrity
Trap tease under a brunette sun
Played by a Femme fatale
Pool shark
Wearing noir blonde
Preferring non plural
To a dramatized forsaken façade
Lacking conversation
With deficient skills
Bar stars knocking
Rack them son
Sharks eating sharks
Just for fun
Should have listened
A voice said no
Should have realized
There was no honesty there
And the plot thickens
Undone by desire
Undone by pride
Ruin by wants
Tools of sound
Drowning the back ground
Noise with a rhythm
Motivation in lyrics
The words of collapse
Rich in experience
Under a belt on the floor
Humorous in an antiquated way
Reading epitaphs on stone angels
Hard to stay angry for years
Even as the doctor of death threats
Wearing Teflon suits in shades of gray
Running in the rain
Dodging drops of water
Staying dry
The smell of rotten meat permeates
An odor wafting in the shadows
Bones crunch under ever footstep
Even as the rain thunders
Splashing the world
In this ice storm
It hard to stay angry
In a caring indifference
Tools of sound
Noise with a beat
Noise with a forlorn rhythm
Motivational clichés
lyrically epitaphian humorous
in an antiquated way

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