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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A whisper asks

No going back now
More grief then happiness
Standing in a door way
On a beach in the sand
No reason to go forward
Listening to the rain
Watch every drop
Splashing down
A simple shot at life
The voice of a reef
As the water crashes
Washing it clean
Redemption of nature 
A list of nothing in common
A gruesome ideal locked in a moment 
Striving to be 
Something impossible
Blind man climbing
An unlikely impossibility
The magic undone 
So he cares now
In a doorway without walls
A turnstile between here and now
Under all the bullshit 
There is always something
Before letting go
A whisper asks
Do you hear that
Where a blind man can see
A statue can feel the rain
Just letting go
A whisper asks
Can you see a pebble
Amongst all the sand

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