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Monday, April 8, 2013

I am just me

Are you the artists?
The question asked with a hint
As if there is a madness with the passion
A Bipolar leaper with dysentery
A canvas painted with mucus and blood
Lower intestines on display as a tree
A gargoyle smiling on a steeple
A man on a park bench
With a pen in hand
Looking at the gargoyle
In the shadow of a steeple
As if it were a gigantic clock
Ignoring the intestine tree
Are you the poet?
Eating a snack of salty words
Do you taste the madness?
Like a chief samples every meal
Each question a question on a Venn diagram
Are you the person on the park bench?
Eating a snack under a full moon
With nothing to say
And everything to live for
Standing alone because to have something to stand for
Each circle with in a circle
The cycle of each tree
Are you an artist?
I am just a simple man
Who wanted to be
Are you a Poet?
I am just a man
Who wanted to be
Are you a man?
I am just me
The needle of the steeple reads 1:15

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