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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Martyrs for hire

Had this dream once Here tonight
Every one smiles and no one dies
Riding my bike in a crew
In the rain and through the sunshine
Honor in these lies
From home to Alaska and back again
Retracing memories on the highway of tears
Pass the town of jeers  
Had this dream once
Was it last might
Or the year before
From home to Chicago and back again via the city of angels 
A dirty one way ride on Route 66
In the rain and through the sunshine
Honoring all lies 
Everyone smiles and no one dies
Every one addicted to the hole in their heart
All of us martyrs for hire
Doing what you were never able to
Had a dream once maybe tomorrow
Everyone smiles and everyone laughs 
Riding with my crew from home
To there and back again
In the sunshine and through the rain
Honoring the truth between the lies
Helping me forget

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