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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

riding purgatory

The Reaper
Whispers names
Separating sinners
and the listing their sins
Remembering everyone
Their misfortunes and bad deeds
His voice in a kind of romantic nostalgia
Everyone rides the one way roller coaster
Cynical expressions of nothing more left to hide
One voice will always stand out amongst the throng
Facing the oncoming end with ordinary laughter
Embracing the reaper with a smile
Even paradise has an alternate door
Hearing the laughter amongst screams
On the edge of a city
On a cliff of desire
As the Reaper waits
All in good time
It pays for the omnipresent t wait
Bearing the fruit of patience
Enduring tolerance its reward
Expressions of nothing more left to hide
Their misfortunes someone else’s payday
Everyone rides this one way ride
Meeting terminal velocity
A ride named purgatory
Baiting the hounds of hell
And the smell of cotton candy
Playing honest games of chance
I think I would rather watch monster truck

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