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Friday, September 17, 2010

if you were

If you were an angel
What would you say?
To make the pain go away
Would you speak to me during the night?
Or in the middle of the afternoon
Fill my dreams with your desires
Or speak to me in the language of old
Slaying my enemies
Looking like a demon
Striking fear
Cutting through their souls
Or simply look like the girl from next door
With a whispering voice
That people stop to hear
Striving to understand each word
A smile that can be seen in the eyes
Minutes before the lips curl up at the edges
A smile that lights up a room
Even after  it’s gone
What would you do to make it all go away?
To make the pain dissipate
To make the rains cold bite
Feel like the suns warm embrace
Would you crawl across the covers
Like the suns fingers across the clouds
Time is running out
As the dream is obscured by cold reality

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  1. Intense
    Dreams Of

    Beautiful Masterpiece