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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Moon Bright

The Moon Bright
The moon bright in the eastern sky

The fireworks reflects off of the lake
A mirror image all night long
Reason for the celebration alludes
A roller coaster train ride ends
They say one does not smell when dreaming
The scent is strong
A farm house in a valley
By a rail bed
The colors of fall brilliant
Even in the moon light
I ask” what do you want of me?”
The answer is nothing
I asked the cab to stop in the middle of a rain soaked road
The face in the window disappears as the cab drives away
The red brake lights changes to two eyes
The hawk flies overhead
Pointing in a direction I would never choose
The moon bright in the eastern sky at mid night
The color of the vegetation all bright red
Fireworks across the lake all night long
A celebration that alludes
Enjoy the show any way
The scent of paradise strong

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