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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Hawk

A hawk
Came to visit
second year in row
7 in the morning
Came a knocking
Three knocks
Saying hello
Inches from my head
Wings wide
Talons reaching out
Then took flight
Around a corner
With glance
Three comfortable under the covers
Windows all around
A bedroom with a view
Trees on three sides
Overlooking a lake
90 miles long
No visitors accept the animals
And a dog named spot
Is this dream with in a dream?
Silhouette walks with panther
Along a road
The only colour a red tree on the right
Hawk flying just overhead
As three knocks on window
Wake me
a feather floats to the floor
Looking up a hawk says hello
Talons reaching out
The ambers from the fire
Cast an artificial light
Fog on the lake cast a ghostly shadow
A new day

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