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Friday, February 8, 2013

A nomad stares

A nomad stares 
At ceiling so high
Memories stains the soul 
Under a cloudy sky
Wondering where have all the angels gone 
Where do the good ones hide
Could they be downs stairs
With their broke wings wrapped in twine 
Mountain nomads like to climb
Making their bed under open sunshine
Rodeo nomads live for eight seconds 
Those seconds lasting a life time
Every nomad watches the fire dance
Wondering where all the angels shine 
What happens when it stops 
So a frosted angel sleeps
Dreaming about where all the good have gone 
Looking up at the dark 
At a ceiling so high
Thinking this is the night
Were sleep will comfort thee soul 
Wine will keep one warm
Before drifting in sand 
Some things come easy
As the images step aside
Just out if reach 
E mon said hold me tight
I need to feel your heart beat 
During this long night 
Put your hand on my chest
Yes just there 
Now you too can feel the beat 

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