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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Barks at the moon

A Sheep dog barks at the moon
This isn’t Paris but its home
Say lets meet under the clock
At Grand Central Station
After the bell chimes seven times
Seven years from today
Telling war stories

A sheep dog barks at the moon
This is not Rome but it is home
Delirious expressions on the faces in the crowd
Sitting a table waiting
Watching those express of a human comedy
Maybe Shakespeare would have been proud
The drama intertwined

A sheep dog barking at the moon
This isn’t London but its home
Feeling the marble of a wooden crown
Walking in the streets
Hailing a cab that drives through me
Waiting for eternity
For the unlikely possibility

A sheep dog barks at the moon
This is not New York but it is home
In this condo by the sea
Will someone stop the dog from barking?
Hell there is no sheep
Who would own a sheep dog any way?
I don’t think it is me


  1. Ahhh ... I get it!
    An American Sheepdog in London!

  2. You mean the barking was a red double decker bus....Now it makes sense!!!!