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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Reversing gravity 
 Transgressive illusions 
Artificial memories 
Passive consolation 
A power divine 
Ice angel sings
A lonely song 
Hanging on limbs
Like a sticky hoar frost 
Clinging on the brease 
A melody that can bring tears 
A loneliness so enduring 
Leaving you broken 
Redemption for broken angels 
Their icy touch 
A spider web on glass 
Caution signs were written 
A little to small
 Reversing gravity 
All the illusions seemingly real
Artificial memories 
Mocking reality 
As the ice angel sings 
Her lonely song sounding divine
Even angels make mistakes 
Regretting them for all time
The very reason to touch in frost 
As they never forgive 
And their icy touch burns  

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