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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Broken Truth

It’s a matter of honor staring death aside
Feeling the fear and tasting the disdain
The price yet to be paid
The elegance of poor choices
Chronic adrenaline through my veins
Refinement at the edge of an abyss
Showing weakness another crack in a wall
Fragile as hoar frost in the trees
Disappearing with the slightest breeze
Teetering on a simple truth
Living with humiliating dishonor
To a ripe old age
Living for the minutes of adrenaline
Staring death down
With no knowledge or concern
Feeling the dread and tasting the revulsion
Acute awareness of the price to be paid
Unsatisfied life pulsing through my veins
Displaying of the cracks in a shield
Full of all the tarnishes of all those yesterdays
Frost floating in the air
Teetering on the wind
Broken truth

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