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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

tattoo of mistakes

Fusillade of doubt
Silent pandemonium
Engaged in this diplomatic falsehood
Remember when the ring went on your finger
That was the truth no one believed
Now they are right
Life observes with despair
Really no one cares
Stylized symbolism interwoven in fantasy
Darkness comes rushing over all
Words flying like bullets out of a machine gun
Each one tearing through my soul
Each one causing much ache
Triaging the despair
Everything a distraction
Healing with time
 Breaking the pattern
Quiet chaos lost in confusion
A ring of gold a silent reminder
A tattoo of mistakes
Another shell off the stern
Some mistakes burn
Leaving nothing but scar tissue
Weaving baskets in a war zone
Doubt with all the sunshine
Uncertainty with every thunder shower

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