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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Played like a fool
In front of everyone
Disgraced and ridiculed
Used as a mere tool
Means to an end
On beck and call for fun
Not feeling the cool
Mocking laughter burns
Wafting long after
Stepped over like stool
Left to ferment under the sun
A hangover lingers
The joke before a punch line
Beleaguered and punch drunk
Playing car roulette
Chasing imaginary chickens
All the while smelling it foul
Tainted romance
Played like a fool
In front of all
Disgraced and ridiculed
Used like puck in a kids game
The tool in someone else’s diversion
A thrill ride to pass the time
Not fooling the cool
Mocking giggles behind the stares
Scars heal yet still leave there mark
Playing the small blind in a big stakes game
All in and folded
Played the fool

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