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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The fog

Calm voices scream over the noise
Silky warm with a numbing effect
Looking out those mannequin eyes
Dante’s canticle on the store window

Hanging above swinging rhythmically
Inclined to believe this is living
Unnerving the box within a box can be
Mantra to my ears

Silky calm whisper
There you be, come with me
Hanging by the thinnest of threads
A mannequin in a window

A leap of  faith wanting the plastic to crack
Consciousness exceptional bleak
A strange commute
Driving through fog

Ice floating in the air
Shadows in the dark
Inching forward blindly
At a hundred miles a hour

Esoteric falsehoods
Manipulated by a metaphors
Learned skill
Augmented through practice

The voice remains

Pointing the way

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