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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain Slides

Rain slides off the windshield
Music thumps like a living thing
Water slides up dancing in the wind
The essence of life
Driving through the clouds
Hardly touching the ground
The fields will be emerald
If the sun will shield some light
Even this scene is celestial
Driving through the clouds
Like the Greeks of old
On the plains of Atlantis
With thoughts of immensity
Trying to be temperate
Fast forward to the prairies
Extremes of destiny
Distain down the drain
If one looks to the place
Were the rain splashes
Dreams are washing away
Where a stone house used to be
On a beach in the sand
Cracked and discarded
Seven miles up a lake

Where a sea used to be
On the west bank
Hope can fill the cracks
For a time
Fade to silence
Water dancing to an internal rhythm
Soon a day will be here
One day among many
A windy Amour
A distant memory
Can you see yourself behind the wheel?
Driving in a down pour
Wondering about the future now

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