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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Without prejudice

Without prejudice
Altruism is an interesting tool
Dictators use it to pad their accounts
Machiavellian approach to reality
Mercenary hearts are never honest
Until it suits them
Look into their eyes
See if they believe the words
Good judgment and honest

At some level on their death bed

Morality inept and ethically challenged
Even doctors can be cruel and bestial in nature
Your suggestion is entertaining
Licentious are his actions
As to rapacity his objective
You’re nothing but a fool tool
Honest and his name should never be in the same line
Experience makes it unworthy

He retains the capacity to shock and annoy

Curiosity or slander
What is the next tool to be utilized?
The arsenal widens
The plot thickens
Indifference is the only emotion
Desperation will compel time lines
When reason has vanished
The hostilities will reconcile

No more surprises

The ground will be decided
Plans dynamic
Success will be the terrain
Indifference the only concern

Mercenary souls are dearly departed

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