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Friday, June 25, 2010

Invisible Meaning

Empty and invisible
Closure without end
Ending without finishing
Moving forward by walking backwards
Stepping into the future
Facts blurred by folklore
Smiles on the outside

Trusting in anticipation
Hopelessly wishing
Emotional attached
Renationalized distain
Will it matter in five years?
Choice in many things

Instant gratification
Slow burning karma
Self pity and anger
Sands flow out of the broken class
Eaten up time

Reflections in a rain drop are distorted
Broken hearts are colorblind
Choices made on a line in the sand
An invisible wall
Hard to cross
Impossible to step over

As a spine freezes in the summer heat
Familiar strangers that share bloodlines
Injustice legalized called egalitarianism
Shinny new and covered in rust
Liquidity is an asset to dynamics
A smile on the outside

Refreshing water bitter sweet
Iron flavored, Salty and warm
The colour of the sun in the early morn
In a pool amongst the broken glass
Questions gone in a flash

Recorded digitally
On a memory card
Stored in gray matter
Changing the music to a happy beat
Smiles on the inside

Coach says "your back in the game!"
get off the bench
go play

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  1. what is the longest word in the english dictionary?